Hiroshi Sumida


Faculty of Law, Kyoto University (LL.B.)
Admitted to Japanese Bar Association 2004
Part-time teacher of Graduate School of Law, Kyoto University (Consumer Law)


Consumer damages cause mental damage to victims.
Investment fraud cases mainly targeting elderly people is a never ceasing problem. Our clients are often blamed by their families or even by themselves, questioning “Why did you do this?”, and suffering over this. Some of such clients give up trying to get the money back because police officers don’t do anything for them.
Victims are mentally damaged because they feel betrayed by their partner who was in their confidence. This occurs in such cases as high-risked derivatives and structured bonds sold by leading stock companies and banks, or pernicious leasing businesses which make small enterprisers sign unnecessary and expensive lease contracts.
There are many ways to solve consumer damage cases, but as lawyers, we must keep in mind the primary importance of softening mental damage and raising our voices on behalf of victims.

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