Standard fees for legal advice based on our remuneration guidelines is shown below.
Please note that the fees shown below are standard fees and actual legal fees differ depending on each case.
They can increase or decrease in the range of 30 %.
Legal fees differ depending on each case. We can explain about estimated fee for each case in your first consultation. Please don’t hesitate to enquire.

Fees shown below are non-taxed based. Consumption Tax will be added.
In addition to the legal fees below, we also charge for actual expenses such as revenue stamps, postage stamps, transportation expenses, etc. separately.

Types of Legal Fees
Consultation fee Fee for Legal consultation with client (including oral advice and telephone consultation)
Retainer fee Legal work fee which will be charged regardless of the results, successful or not, for the case or legal service.
Contingent fee Contingent fee is charged when a lawyer wins the case. The fee is calculated according to the results.
Hourly fee Hourly fee is calculated for each hour spent for your case by the lawyer, multiplying the lawyer’s hourly fee.
Commission Legal work fee for cases which do not involve dispute.
Advisory fee Continuous legal advisory fee based on contract.
Daily allowance This allowance is charged for the time a lawyer spends for transportation when he/she needs to work out from his/her office for cases.
Written valuation fee This fee is charged for written valuation or advice for clients.

1. Legal Advice

5,000 yen / 30 min.
First consultation for adjustment of debts for non-corporate or private entrepreneurs is free of charge, except in cases in which consultation has already been sought through the free consultation offered by the Japan Legal Support Center (HOU-TERASU).

2. General Civil Cases

Economic Profit Base Retainer fee Contingent fee
Less than 3 million yen 8% ※ 16%
Over 3 million yen,
less than 30 million yen
+ 90,000 yen
+ 180,000 yen
Over 30 million yen,
Less than 300 million yen
+ 690,000 yen
+ 1,380,000 yen
Over 300 million yen 2%
+ 3,690,000 yen
+ 7,380,000 yen

※The lowest fee is 100,000 yen.
※In cases in which the above fee schedule is not adopted, we adopt the hourly fee (22,000 yen / hour).

3. Divorce

Divorce mediation or divorce negotiation

Retainer fee : from 200,000 yen to 400,000 yen
Contingent fee : from 200,000 yen to 500,000 yen

*This fee is for cases which don’t involve property claims such as compensation for mental suffering or distribution of property.

*For cases involving property claims, the fee is calculated based on the monetary profit referred to in the general civil case fee table.

Divorce suits

Retainer fee : from 300,000 yen to 500,000 yen
Contingent fee : from 300,000 yen to 600,000 yen

*For cases involving property claims, the fee is calculated based on the monetary profit referred to in the general civil case fee table.

4. Succession

Making a Last Will and Testament

Commission for making a notarized document of a last will and testament : 100,000 yen or above
*Notary fee is not included.

Mediation for Division of Inheritance

Calculated based on the equivalent market value of inheritance referred to in the general civil case fee table.

5. Adjustment of Debts

For adjustment of debts cases, pay in installments is a possible consideration.

Voluntary liquidation
(a) Non-business persons
Retainer fee : 30,000 yen for each non-business person
*For the payment service, we will charge for expenses such as bank transfer fee and a commission of 1,000 yen for each payment.
(b) Corporate or business persons
From 500,000 yen
Private Simultaneous Abolition (simple case)
Private Simultaneous Abolition
Trustee for private persons
Bankruptcy of corporate or business persons
Retainer fee : 200,000 yen
Retainer fee : 200,000 yen
Retainer fee : 300,000 ~ 500,000 yen
Retainer fee : 500,000 yen or above
Civil Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation for private persons without Special Clauses on Home Loan
 Retainer fee : 300,000 yen

Rehabilitation for private persons with Special Clauses on Home Loan
 Retainer fee : from 350,000 to 400,000 yen

Civil Rehabilitation for corporate and business persons

 Retainer fee :
 Contingent fee :
1,000,000 yen or above
Calculated based on the value of debt reduction referred to in the general civil case fee table.1

If we collect overpayment in the undertaken cases (1) and (3), we will charge 20% of the collected value in addition to the legal fee listed above.
In this case, no contingent fee for debt reduction is charged.

6. Legal Adviser

 Corporate Legal Adviser Fee : from 30,000 yen / month

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