Services for Private Persons

Our Services for Private Persons
Our firm mainly manages the following cases.
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Divorce, Kinship, Parent and Child Relationships

There are three types of divorce procedures, which are; divorce by agreement, arbitrated divorce and judicial divorce. We can offer support in all of these procedures after consultation with our lawyers. In divorce cases, there are many kinds of issues to be solved such as property (marriage expenses, compensation for mental suffering and distribution of property), child issues (custody, child support payment, legal guardianship), etc. In addition to these issues, kinship or parent and child relationships can cause disputes. These problems can be difficult to solve individually, so our experienced lawyers can offer support.

Last Will and Testament, Inheritance, Guardianship

We accept consultations regarding last will and testament and inheritance for property management and for prevention and solution of dispute regarding inheritance.
We also offer adult guardianship service. In case of concern regarding aged relatives who need guardianship service, please contact us for consultation.

Real Estates, Lease

Real estate (land and buildings) can be important property, residence, base for your life or a supportive source of income. Individuals generally do not have many chances or experience to make real estate transactions over the course of their lives, and do not know how to deal with these.
There are many problems regarding inherited lands and buildings.
Also, lease contracts for real estate can cause many problems.
Law and regulation regarding real estate such as the Act on Land and Building Leases are very complicated and can cause unexpected disputes. We offer general services for real estate issues such as checking and making sales agreements and lease contracts and negotiation for removal.

Consumer Damages, Fraud

Targets of customer’s damage are expanding to include old people, students, and private entrepreneurs through a variety of new means of fraud.
Today, people tend to invest rather than saving money. In response to this tendency, there are increasing numbers of problems, caused not only by futures trading, but also by high-risk and complicated derivative transactions.
We offer consultation regarding various types of customer damages including defective housing, financial investment trading and door-to-door sales.

Labor Issues

Our experienced lawyers with knowledge in labor-related law and judicial precedent support to solve various labor issues such as nonpayment of wages, dismissal and harassments, in an appropriate manner.
If necessary, we use the Labor Tribunal Dispute Resolution System or court procedure.

Traffic Accidents / Industrial Accidents on Site

In cases of traffic accidents, private insurance companies can’t negotiate with offenders responsible for the accident on behalf of a faultless victim. In such cases, lawyers act as attorney for victims and negotiate for settlement with the offender or file lawsuits.
In case of industrial accidents, we can give advice and negotiate with an institution which has fault responsibility regarding compensations and procedures for industrial accident insurance, as needed.
Other than traffic accidents, we can offer consultation regarding what kind of responsibility institutions have on occasion of accidents on site. We also offer consultation on accidents occurred when playing sports and other problems.

Medical Malpractices

In cases in which medical treatment in hospital causes damages, we can be consulted regarding claims for loss compensation for damages. As attornies, we can act on preservation of evidence such as medical records, examination of these, and claims for loss compensation.

Monetary Loans

Lending or borrowing money both personally and for business purposes are transacted on a relationship of trust between parties, however, there are cases of non-repayment as promised. What should be done in cases in which there is no promissory note, acquisitive prescription is running out, an individual becomes a guarantor, or is billed for something with which he has nothing to do? We offer consultation regarding these kinds of monetary loan troubles.

Voluntary Liquidations, Individual Rehabilitation, Personal Bankruptcies

There are several means of adjustment of debts such as voluntary liquidations, individual rehabilitation or personal bankruptcies. After consultation, we choose the best way for each client to complete the procedures.
We can also transact split payment of debt on behalf of our client, if necessary. Our lawyers offer support you from the beginning to the end of such procedures.
Even in the cases without court procedure such as individual rehabilitation and personal bankruptcies, there are possibilities to reduce the repayment amount or to receive refunds from money lenders for overpayment by calculation of interest. We offer services for claims for refund of overpayment. Clients are urged to contact us if the amount of principal does not reduce despite regular payment as agreed.

Criminal Cases

In cases in which individuals come under suspicion of crime and are investigated, or prosecuted to criminal trial, we protect your rights and benefits acting as attorneys or as attendants in family court.
We also plead complaints as attorneys in cases in which individuals become victims of crimes and provide advice regarding trials in response to victims’ requests.

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