Services for Companies and Private Entrepreneurs

Our Services for Companies and Private Entrepreneurs
Our firm mainly manages the following cases.
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Corporate Legal Services / Corporate Governance

Corporate business activities can cause various legal problems. We offer legal support such as establishment of corporate governance system which suites each company’s situation, legal and practical advice on management of meetings of shareholders and board meetings, and legal advice on business problems. After signing the advisory contract, we can offer continuous and swift support suitable for each company’s needs.

Contracts / Transactions

Expansion of business and business transactions require various conclusions of contracts. Some transactions have legal restrictions, so it is important to confirm their legality in advance. To draft contracts, it is necessary to clarify the contents and conditions of contracts which suite each transaction from the practical and legal point of view to avoid occurrence of trouble. We offer legal advice on transactions and contracts and we offer services to draft and confirm contracts.

Intellectual Property Law

The importance of intellectual property in such areas as patent right, trademark right and copyright in business activities is increasing. To protect and use effectively the company’s intellectual property is an important concern, and at the same time, it is important to ensure non-violation of other companies’ right.
Recently, the legal environment concerning intellectual property law has been changing dramatically, so we need to deal with recent legal reform and new judicial precedent.
We offer the support for law suits on intellectual property violence, license agreements and non-disclosure agreements.

Antimonopoly Act / Competition Law

There are many situations which can cause problems regarding antimonopoly law in business activities such as license, product display, sales method and relationship with clients and subcontractors. It is necessary to take care to avoid activities regulated as unfair competition. We offer legal advice on corporate activities to avoid problems regarding antimonopoly law.

Labor Law

Careful and appropriate action is required to solve labor issues such as establishment and operation of company regulations (employment regulations, company standards), disciplinary actions (rewards and punishments, dismissal), troubles between employees (sexual harassment, etc.), workers’ accidents. We offer advice based on familiarity with the labor laws and court cases and deal with labor tribunal and law suits.

Consumer Law

Recently, consumer protection law has been progressing dramatically, so in addition to the standard-form contract, and indication of products and services and sales methods, appropriate consumer correspondence is required in addition to an understanding of legal reform. We offer the necessary legal advice to companies based on a practical viewpoint enriched by experience managing to large numbers of consumer consultations.

Bankruptcy Act

We plead bankruptcy cases and civil rehabilitation of companies and private entrepreneurs. Depending on the cases, multiple lawyers attend one case for swift action. We also have extensive experience as bankruptcy trustees in bankruptcy cases, and we work in team. We offer legal advice regarding bankruptcy of subcontractors.


In corporate activities, observance of laws is an obvious requirement. In addition, the level of corporate compliance required from shareholders and society is rising year by year due to the increase of widely reported irregularities. We offer practical legal advice on privacy protection framework, enrichment of corporate compliance systems and response to irregularities.

Risk Management

How to deal with unexpected accidents or incidents and scandals involving employees is a critical issue. It is also necessary to pay attention to countermeasures to be taken against antisocial organizations. We offer legal advice on establishment of risk management systems and manage criminal cases and damage compensation.

Financial Legal Services / Debt Management and Collection

We offer legal advice to financial institutions on financial practices, credit management and other financial issues.
We also have extensive experience in debt collection and offer services of provisional remedy and execution procedure.

Insurance Legal Services

In corporate activities, management of casualty insurance is unavoidable because of the huge risks of accidents in traffic or on company facilities. We offer legal advice on insurance policy and support in casualty insurance cases.

Succession of Business / Corporate Reorganization

Corporate reorganization cases such as business transfers, mergers and company divestiture occur frequently due to changes of financial status or effective management of group corporations. Business succession associated with change of management executives in small companies is also an important issue. We can offer legal advice on these cases.

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