Hiroshi Nonoyama


Faculty of Law, Kyoto University (LL.B.)
Admitted to Japanese Bar Association 1983
Former President National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan
Professor of Faculty of Law, Graduate School of Kyoto Sangyo University


I worked as a President of the National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan, which is part of the national administration for Consumers Affairs. Working as a President of a public administration, I had many valuable experiences. Taking advantage of this precious experience, I am currently working as a lawyer on cases and disputes with a broader perspective.
I am in charge of various types of cases and specialize in cases which occur in daily life, such as consumer affairs and family cases (divorce and inheritance). I also specialize in support of regulatory compliance. Through my work as a lawyer, I would like to protect the profits of clients by solving problems in a fair way, and realize a fair and safe society where people can live in peace.

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