Kouzou Nagano


Faculty of Law, Kyoto University (LL.B.)
Admitted to Japanese Bar Association 1995
Former Member of National Life Council, Subcommittee of Consumer Policy Investigation Committee on Legal Procedures for Consumer Organizations

Director and Chief of the Secretariat, Nonprofit Organization Kyoto Consumer Contract Network (Qualified Consumer Organization recognized by the Office of the Japanese Prime Minister)


I specialize in cases of compensation for damages such as those arising from traffic accidents and in the area of Consumer Contract stipulated in the Consumer Contract Act and the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions. In the area of Consume Contract, I work as director and chief of the secretariat for the Nonprofit Organization Kyoto Consumer Contract Network which is a Qualified Consumer Organization. I would like to contribute to the fair resolution of cases and the realization of a fair society.

I enjoy drinking party with my friends and colleagues, climbing mountains and running marathons.

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