Toshitada Nihommatsu


Faculty of Law, Kyoto University (LL.B.)
Assigned as a Judge 1979
Admitted to Japanese Bar Association 2014
Professor in Graduate School of Law, Kyoto University 2015


I have mainly worked in district court as a judge on cases of compensation for traffic damage, industrial accidents, medical malpractice, general civil lawsuits, bankruptcy, civil execution and civil preservation cases. Recently, I have been increasingly working on domestic cases.
I have just started my carrier as a lawyer, but I would like utilize my experiences and skills acquired in my former position as a judge to improve my skill as a lawyer.
I felt keenly that what we can do is limited to solve problems in the true sense, and throughout my experience working on domestic and juvenile cases, I discovered that we need to work together with public institutions and various regional organizations. So I would like to do my best, working cooperatively with regional communities.

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