Michie Kohara


Faculty of Law, Ritsumeikan University (LL.B.)
Admitted to Japanese Bar Association 2002
Visiting Researcher of Graduate Division, School of Law, New York University 2009
Master’s Degree, Maurer School of Law, Indiana University, Bloomington 2011(LL.M)


I mainly deal with general civil cases, domestic affairs, financial legal services, corporate legal affairs, compensation for damages in various cases, financial damages such as those incurred in futures trading, construction disputes and juvenile cases.
In our diversified society, matters to be consulted on by clients continues to vary in wider range. I would like to work hard to acquire more expertize and compile information on social conditions, and considering clients’ feelings, correspond swiftly and sincerely to them.
I like watching theater performances, traveling and practicing yoga in my free time.
Since I became a lawyer, I have become interested in children’s rights mainly in the area of child welfare.

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