Hitoshi Sakata


Faculty of Law, Doshisha University (LL.B.)
New York University School of Law (M.C.J.)
Admitted to Japanese Bar Association 1985
Outside Director for NIPPON SHINYAKU CO., LTD.
Outside Auditor for KYOCERA Corporation


I am aiming to build a law firm which can manage both corporate and international legal affairs.

【Written Works】
Formation of the Concept of Creativity in UK Copyright Law(Doshisha Hogaku Vol. 68, No. 3 July, 2016)
Making the Concept of Authorship in UK Copyright Law (DIDA 236 April, 2013)
Formation of the Concept of Authorship in UK Copyright Law(Doshisha Hogaku Vol. 63, No. 7 March, 2012)
The Principle of Right Exhaustion in US Patent Law(Ryukoku University Vol. 44, No. 4 March, 2012)
Control of Product Tying and Intellectual Property Right in USA(CHUOKEIZAI-SHA Inc.・Legal Affairs in Business January, 2011)
Comprehensiveness of Rights of Publicity(Doshisha Hogaku Vol. 60 No. 7 March, 2009)
Learning Copyright Law from Judicial Precedents for beginners(Minerva Shobo May, 2008)
Copyright Notice in Peter Rabbit Case(Intellectual property management 58-1-2008)
Similarity of Copyrighted Illustration and Legal Liability of the Client(Intellectual Property Management 55-5-2005)

Studying the history of western painting, golf, skiing, watching rugby games

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