Takashi Oseto


Faculty of Law , Chuo University(LL.B.)
Graduate School of Law, Chuo University(LL.M.)
Admitted to Japanese Bar Association 2006


I concentrated on working as a lawyer after leaving extended research activities in University. My specialized field is Intellectual Property Law such as the Patent Act, Design Act, Trademark Act and Copyright Act. The patent right which protects right of invention, the design right which protects design of things, and the trademark right which maintains and develops corporate credit, have been recognized as important management resources. In addition to these rights, the copyright which protects computer programs and databases also plays a important role as an essential asset to support the IT industry.
Therefore, the number of disputes over these intellectual property rights are increasing. Once these kinds of disputes happen, they can cause a situation which poses threats to our social systems. As a lawyer specializing in intellectual property, my aim is to prevent this serious situation in advance and solve disputes which occur in an appropriate manner.

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